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Our Travel Passport is dedicated to making your travels easier and helping you experience your travels in a way that will help you cherish them forever. 

Our Travel Passport has quickly grown to become a travel-enthused community of over 100,000 people around the world. 

Samantha & Ryan

Shortly after Samantha and Ryan got married, they began traveling and automatically fell in love with exploring the world. They loved seeing each other step outside of their comfort zones (whether that mean trying new foods or jumping off cliffs), and they fell more in love with each other every trip they went on. They quickly realized that they wanted to make travel a priority in their life and share their trips, tips, and experiences with their friends and family back home. 

After visiting more than 20 countries together, Samantha and Ryan have turned Our Travel Passport into a content creation company producing photo and video content in exotic destinations around the world. Years from now Ryan and Sam want to be able to look back on their life and say they lived the life of their dreams and pursued what they love! And part of that experience is helping others to live the life of their dreams too! They've created online workshops to teach and educate others on how to take better travel photos, create epic videos, and grow their social media platforms. 

Ryan and Samantha use their blog, Instagram, Youtube, and other social channels to inspire others to travel, show more love for the planet and different cultures, and spend more time adventuring with friends and family.

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“Ryan & Samantha delivered beautiful content that met our expectations, as well as drove a considerable amount of referral traffic to our client's website as well. A pleasure to work with!”

-Carly, Barceló Maya Grand Resort

“Hosting Samantha and Ryan was an absolute pleasure. They are professionals who posted incredible pictures of our hotel, created really good stories showcasing all of the different aereas of the property, and they even replied to comments that their followers made insisting on how lovely the hotel was.”

-Laura, Hotel Cotton House

“I am the President and Chief Creative officer for Brand Tango. I am writing to congratulate [Ryan & Sam] on the very impressive work on the video. I literally teared up with emotion. The editing is really amazing. I love it and I am not easy to please. I am so excited to continue to work with [Sam & Ryan] on other projects… [I] just wanted to let [Sam & Ryan] know how totally blown away I was. I am incredibly thankful.”

-James, Brand Tango