The Beach Set $57 USD


  • 2 Color Presets- OTP 1 & OTP 2
  • 1 Black & White Preset
  • 2 Tool Presets 
  • An instructional video with a preview of how I use these exact presets to fit every photo we take

The Beach Set is inspired by our travels to some of our favorite beaches in the world! The Beach Set enhances the bright blue water and perfectly sunny days in your pictures to take you back to a white sand beach where you're sipping on endless piña coladas and swimming with the fish until the sun sets.

Our presets are designed to give your photos a clean, bright, and colorful look. These are the exact presets we use on our Instagram account, Our Travel Passport. This set focuses on keeping your colors vibrant and bright while keeping skin tones neutral and accurate making them the perfect presets for travel, drone shots, fashion, and your photos that are just for fun!

Keep in mind that these presets will look a little different on every photo due to different lighting and camera settings, and you may need to make some slight adjustments after the preset is applied in order to make it work best with your image. Helpful Tip: I always shoot in RAW and underexpose to make sure all the details remain in the photo after editing. These presets are meant to being used in Adobe Lightroom desktop version MAC/Windows PC, which you can download here

Refund Policy

Due to this product being a digital download, presets are non-refundable and all sales are final. The buyer acknowledges that this product is to be used with Adobe Lightroom desktop version and is best used on RAW photo files, but can also be used on JPEG photo files with slightly different results. There is to be no sharing or trading of the files between parties upon delivery as the product is copyrighted.