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Classic Preset Pack





After your purchase, you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to install them and a video tutorial explaining how to use and adapt the presets for your photos.

We'd love for you to use the hashtag #OTPpresets when you share your images so we can see and share them! 

- The Vintage Preset is designed to create a retro look with chic vintage vibes.

- The Sunset Preset brings out the pinks and blues that will really make your sunset photos pop.

- The B+W Preset is designed to create an old-school black and white film look. 

All of our Before and After edits are iPhone photos. The edits are one-click edits with our mobile presets.

- 3 Color Presets- Everyday, Vintage, Sunset

- 1 Black & White Preset

- An instructional video with a preview of how I use these exact presets to fit all of our iPhone photos

- The Everyday Preset enhances the brightness and color while focusing on brightening the blues. This is the preset I use for almost all of the photos we use in our Instagram Stories. It's pretty much my go-to mobile preset.


The Classic Mobile Preset Pack is meant to be used on the free Abode Lightroom CC mobile app. You don't need an Adobe Lightroom subscription to use them. These presets are specifically designed for mobile photos. They are perfect to quickly and easily edit your mobile photos and take them to the next level. 

- Lauren

“I love that the OTP Mobile Preset Pack is so easy to use and looks great on all my photos! They bring out the right colors while making it look natural and not like I heavily edited my photos.”

- Eunice

“The Preset Pack has made my photo editing process easier by simply a click of a button! It’s super easy to use and I save so much time editing photos myself.”

- Melissa

“The preset package is great for someone just learning how to improve their photos! So easy to use and really make my pics pop!”

- Natasha

“The OTP Mobile Preset Pack is a simple way of making your photos pop for an affordable price. I’ve seen other bloggers/influencers/designers charge in the upwards of $100 for what Ryan and Samantha have created. I like using the “Everyday” preset best because it doesn’t look like you’ve overedited your photo(s), which appears to be the trend lately. No more stumbling through Lightroom or Snapseed to make my photos look better than the typical “just an iPhone” photo. The OTP Mobile Preset Pack is a simple one-step wham-bam-thank you mam- process that makes my photos go from drab to fab in .5 seconds. I really appreciated the instruction guide and video that came along with it, to understand how exactly to import the presets.”

- Jessica

“All of these presets take my pictures to another level! My favorites are the Sunset and Everyday presets. I love these presets because they just enhance the beauty of picture instead making it look totally fake.”

- Kathryn

“I love how easy the presets are to use! I had downloaded a preset pack from somewhere else previously and never actually got it into LightRoom because of the format it was in. I love that I don’t need fancy software or an expensive camera and that I can still make my iPhone photos look fabulous! I’m heading to Hawaii in two weeks and can’t wait to play with them more!”

- Holly

“They make everything look so perfect! I am now using them for my stories, and have noticed a HUGE difference compared to the filters instagram has (Oslo, Lagos, Melborne etc) they make my pictures brighter and prettier without making the colours too harsh or losing the colours. My story highlights stored in NZ South (the last three stories in the highlight reel) are all edited with these presets :) (I use the Beach Set Presets for the pictures I post on my feed - which are also fantastic!)”

- Lauren

“I love how much the mobile presets really enhance my photos. It takes a great photo and just makes them that much better. Plus it makes editing while busy and traveling so simple!”


Due to this product being a digital download, presets are non-refundable and all sales are final. The buyer acknowledges that this product is to be used with Adobe Lightroom mobile version and is best used on mobile photos. There is to be no sharing or trading of the files between parties upon delivery as the product is copyrighted. 

Email hello@ourtravelpassport.com for any customer service inquiries.

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Our presets are designed to give your photos a clean, bright, and colorful look.

This set is perfect for beginner photographers or even advanced photographers looking for quick edits while traveling or on-the-go.

They're the ideal presets for your everyday photos, whether those are travel, fashion, or just for fun!