Milos Travel Guide.

July 5, 2018


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We get a lot of questions asking us what our favorite island in Greece is, and we always answer: Milos. And honestly, Milos is our favorite island in the world! We love how it has such a quiet and remote feel and even though it’s a little island, there is so much to do and explore and see. We’ve actually been four times, because we love it that much. And we’re always planning a trip back, because that’s how special it is to us. Part of what makes Milos so amazing is that you get the true authentic Greek feel, because it isn’t as flooded with tourists. It kind of feels like where Mamma Mia would’ve been filmed, haha. Spoiler alert: It’s not.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Milos, Greece:

What to Expect:

Best Time of Year to Visit:

The best time of year to visit Milos is from late April to the end of September. In the winter, the island gets really windy and most things close down for the season. It’s for sure busiest in June and July, but the water is the warmest end of August and September.

How to Get to Milos:

Most cruise ships don’t go to Milos, and there’s usually only one ferry a day from most islands or a few flights a day, so it’s a bit harder to get there making it a little more exclusive. You can either take a ferry (we took Sea Jets from Santorini to Milos) from a nearby island, or you can fly from Athens to Milos on Olympic Air.

How to Get Around:

Highly recommend renting an ATV or scooter during your time in Milos. You can also rent a car (especially if you’re traveling with littles), it’s just a little more expensive. ATVs are the best way to get around the island. They’re a lot of fun and that way you get to see the island as you’re driving around and exploring. We rented from Travel Me to Milos, and it cost about 30 Euro per day for 3 days. Since the island isn’t very busy, it’s pretty easy to ride along the roads. Also, having an ATV makes it was easier to explore hidden beaches and go on the dirt roads too. If you want to rent a scooter, you need a motorcycle license.

How Many Days to Visit:

I would suggest at least planning for 2-3 days here. You can absolutely stay for longer, but if you’re island hopping and this is only one of your stops, we would definitely recommend you stay for at least 2 full days to really be able to explore.,

What to do:

Rent a Boat and go to Kleftiko:

We rented a boat from @firiplaka_boat_rental and took it out ourselves to Kleftiko and it was one of our favorite things we’ve ever done on the island. A lot of the beaches and iconic spots in Milos are only accessible by boat, so you have to go out on a boat while you’re here. We absolutely loved our experience renting our own boat with Firiplaka Boat Rentals, because we got to go out and explore all on our own! We didn’t have to worry about being on anyone else’s timeline or rushed by a group and we could hang at beaches and swim, explore, and take pictures for as long as we wanted!

Firiplaka Boat Rental made the whole process so easy by showing us everything we needed to know before we took off, and the boat has a GPS tracker in it so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck at sea. 100% a must do when you’re in Milos!

Kleftiko is seriously INCREDIBLE. You can only get there by boat (or a really long hike to see it from the cliffs if you’re up for it). We went with Milos Sailing Adventures and had the best time! The service was incredible and they were totally accommodating to our schedule and what we wanted to do. Kleftiko is known for being an old pirates hide out, and there are caves and grottos everywhere you turn. And I’m not kidding when I say there’s the most stunning turquoise blue water we’ve ever seen there. Milos Sailing Adventures takes you on a small boat so you can go inside the caves, and some go as far as 15 feet deep. It’s kind of scary but also really cool. 

The island gets really windy some days, so leave yourself some time to adjust. Last time we were on the island, we couldn’t get to Kleftiko, because we decided too late and then on the day we wanted to go, it was too windy. This time we gave ourselves the option to do the boat tour one day or go to the beach and vice versa for the next day. That way if the first day was too windy, we could reschedule for the next day. It actually was really windy on one side of the island the day we went, so we couldn’t sail on that side, but it ended up being a lot calmer on the side of Kleftiko, so we spent the day exploring that side of the island and fell in love.

Visit the Fishing Villages:

They’re iconic and so picturesque. We love Klima and Mandrakia.

Sunset at Plaka Castle:

Watch sunset from Plaka or hike up to the castle for even better sunset views. Plaka is the cutest little town set up on the hill and it has the best view to watch the sunset. You can either watch it from the town square or do a short little hike to the old church! Both spots are absolutely beautiful. Plaka is also the perfect place to pick up a souvenir. There are the cutest streets and alleyways lined with boutique shops that offer everything from handmade jewelry to pottery and clothing. It’s the best place to wander after a day at the beach.

the best beaches:


Sarakiniko Beach is the most iconic beach in Milos that looks like you’ve landed on the moon. Go at different times of day to see how it changes in the light. Sarakiniko is probably the most popular beach on the island and for good reason. It is AH.MA.ZING. Seriously, it’s our favorite spot on the island. We could spend hours walking around and exploring Sarakiniko. The whole “beach” is made up of white volcanic ash (so bring shoes, because it’s not comfortable to walk on), which gives it this amazing moonscape look and feel to it. It’s like an adult playground, because there is so much to explore and you could wander there all day. You can swim in the water, cliff jump, get insane views, and play in the sun. It’s basically our dream land. There’s really no other place on earth quite like it and that’s what makes it so unique and magical. Be sure to watch the sunset there one night, because the sun hits the white rocks and blue ocean and lights up the sky with the most amazing shades of purple and pink.



Probably the most “traditional” beach on the island but still breathtakingly gorgeous. There’s beach chairs for rent or you can just lay your towel down in the sand. Firiplaka is more of a traditional beach with sand and chairs, and you don’t have to climb down a ladder to get there. It’s right across from Tsigrado, so it’s pretty easy to hop between those two beaches. 


Tsigrado means “secret” beach and it’s definitely an adventure getting down (think scaling a gorge and climbing down a ladder), but it’s so so beautiful when you get to the bottom that it’s absolutely worth it. Get there early in the morning because it’s small so it fills up quickly. The water is perfectly blue and clear, and because it’s a little harder to get to, there are way less people. It feels like a little hideout spot, and it’s the perfect beach to just relax and enjoy the magic of Milos.


Paleochori is the most colorful beach with beautiful hues of red and yellow on the cliffs and the most stunning shades of blue in the water.

where to eat:


While you’re in Plaka, be sure to get dinner at Archontoula. It’s a higher-end restaurant, but it’s worth it because the food is high-quality. Ask for their famous appetizer balls. I can’t even tell you what was in them, but they were so good that I wish I had the recipe to make them on my own. There were lots of herbs and some sort of watermelon sauce. It sounds random, but it was so good. Guess we’ll just have to go back to Milos. Oh well, haha. 

Hanabi Seaside Sushi:

Pollonia is a quaint town on the water front and has a couple different restaurants on the water, making it a great place to go for a nightly stroll and choose where you want to eat. Hanabi Seaside Sushi is a new restaurant opened by a famous sushi chef from Athens.


Spiros Gelato: No European vacation is complete without a delicious gelato spot where you can get your nightly (or daily) gelato fix. Spiros is in Plaka and the gelato is amazing! And all of the flavors are delicious. The owner, whose name is Spiros, is also so nice and really helpful and funny. 

where to stay:

Milos Breeze Boutique:

We stayed at Milos Breeze Boutique this trip and had the best time. The entire place is so cute and styled with these beautiful blue and white tiles. It’s located up on the hill in Pollonia, so it has a beautiful view of the ocean, town, and harbor. It’s the perfect place to come back and relax after a long day exploring the island. 

Milos Breeze Boutique is one of the only hotels on the island with a pool, and it’s the only hotel on the island with a wellness pool, which means the pool has essential oils and salts that make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. A lot of the rooms have terraces, and there’s even one room with a private plunge pool. The entire place has a very clean, simple Greek feel to it, making it a great and relaxing getaway spot. The breakfast is amazing and most of the pastries and jams are homemade by the owner’s mother. We ate so many of their chocolate croissants for breakfast, so I’m here to attest that she’s an amazing pastry chef. The staff is absolutely incredible and will do anything to make your stay more enjoyable. They even came in and opened breakfast for us early on our last day, because we had an early flight off the island.

We love staying in Pollonia, because it’s a quieter spot on the island, and it’s in between the harbor and the airport making them both easy to get to. Plus it’s on the same side of the island as all of our favorite beaches, so it’s the best spot to be in, in our opinion. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or spending your honeymoon in Greece, I’d highly suggest spending a few days in Milos and staying at Milos Breeze Boutique.

Thanks Milos Breeze Boutique for the amazing stay!

Book your stay with Milos Breeze Boutique Here

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