The Wanderer Presets

Mobile presets $35 usd

The Wanderer Mobile Preset Pack is meant to be used on the free Abode Lightroom CC mobile app. You don't need an Adobe Lightroom subscription to use them. These presets are specifically designed for mobile photos. They are perfect to quickly and easily edit your mobile photos and take them to the next level. 


  • 4 Color Presets- Milos, Tulum, LA, & Bali Sunset

  • An instructional video with a preview of how I use these exact presets to fit all of our iPhone photos

The Milos Preset enhances the brightness while focusing on making the blues stand out.

The Tulum Preset is designed to create a grainy film look with darker blacks so the whole photo pops.

The LA Preset is designed to create a bright and creamy look with soft pink tones. 

The Bali Sunset Preset brings out the pinks and purples that will create an epic sunset photo.

All of our Before and After edits are iPhone photos. The edits are one-click edits with our mobile presets.

After your purchase, download the presets from the “Thank You Page,” and then you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to install them and a video tutorial explaining how to use and adapt the presets for your photos.

We'd love for you to use the hashtag #OTPpresets when you share your images so we can see and share them! 





Our presets are designed to give your photos a clean, bright, and colorful look. They're the ideal presets for your everyday photos, whether those are travel, fashion, or just for fun!

Refund Policy

Due to this product being a digital download, presets are non-refundable and all sales are final. The buyer acknowledges that this product is to be used with Adobe Lightroom mobile version and is best used on mobile photos. There is to be no sharing or trading of the files between parties upon delivery as the product is copyrighted. 

Email for any customer service inquiries.


“You can tell that these presets are made by people who actually know photography and true editing. There are perfect skin tones and sky tones with any picture you are editing. Anytime I use a present, there is little to no adjusting I have to do! I love that these 4 are all you need to edit any picture. I have pictures from very different cities/places and the colors still edit beautifully with the presets.” -Ashley

“The OTP Wanderer preset pack is super easy to use and automatically make your photos look way better! I had never really edited my photos much because I didn't know where to begin. The directions provided were a clear and easy process. Now I can start to edit all of my photos with ease!” -Lexy

“I love the Milos preset most because it’s nice and bright. The preset pack is easy to use.” -Lauren

“The OTP Wanderer Presents have made my pictures look amazing. The presents make my pictures pop and the colors standout! I Love Them!! It makes editing my pictures so simple.” - Reagan

“The presets take your photos to a new level! It is so easy to download and add your presets and within minutes you have beautiful photos. Editing is so much easier. I can easily apply the preset and then with a little tweaking, I have beautiful photos to show to the world!” -Marie

“I love the variety! The four presets are diverse and give me the flexibility to get creative. The LA is definitely my favorite because it matches the mood perfectly of my sunny SoCal photos!” -Kelsey

“I love the Milos preset! Perfect for all my sunny summer pictures! Editing is now a quick one-step process, hardly need to make any other edits!” -Jaime

“They are so simple to use and work in every photo!! Editing my photos is effortless and [they] turn out beautiful!!” -Carly