September 7, 2015


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This summer, Ryan had an internship in Washington, D.C., so we decided to take advantage of our time back east and Ryan’s first time living on the east coast by exploring as much as possible. One Saturday, my sister, Kelli, Ryan, and I all took a day trip up to Philadelphia to visit the nation’s original capitol. 

We spent the morning going to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and learning all about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and all those things you’ve forgotten from 7th grade History. Then, we walked down the oldest residential street in America, Elfreth’s Alley, which was just adorable. It’s still on a cobblestone road and the houses are made of brick, it just radiates east-coastness. And each of the houses had mirrors hanging out of the second story window to show who was standing at the front door, which I found to be just hilarious.

Then we went to the Reading Market, which is basically an in-door Farmer’s Market filled with flowers and treats and Amish butters and raw milk. Ryan was in heaven. Seriously, if you’re ever in Philadelphia, you HAVE to go here. There is a line out the door for donuts and black and white cookies and an entire section dedicated to gluten-free bakery (praising hands emoji). They also have crepes and ice cream and fresh fruits and vegetables and just about everything you could ever imagine. I think I could spend an entire day in there. 

The best part of the trip came when we arrived at the Museum of Art. All day, we had been talking about going to the Rocky steps and when we got there, Ryan finally realized what we were talking about. He literally thought they would be “rocky” steps. Apparently his father didn’t make him watch every Rocky movie ever made every single time it was on television, which is always. So we had a good laugh about that. Then Ryan was determined to play in every single fountain possible, so we culminated our trip running around like five-year-olds from one to the next and back to our car before our parking meter ran out.

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