Top 10 Things to do in Washington, D.C.

January 8, 2016

Washington D.C.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Washington, DC 

This summer, Ryan had a Congressional internship, so we were lucky enough to call DC home for a few months. We lived right downtown, literally above the best restaurants in the city and blocks from some of the best shopping in the city (even though we couldn’t afford a thing, buuuut minor details). We could jump on the Metro to go to a Nats game or eat dinner on the lawn of the Washington Monument or play at “the beach” in the Building Museum. Do we sound like real locals yet? πŸ˜‚ Ryan wanted to make sure we didn’t miss a thing in the city, so he made a list of at least 70 things we had to do before we left DC, and we accomplished almost all of them. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten things you MUST do in the city (granted, you should probably do all of the things on our original list as well, but these were our favorites). 

Rent bikes and ride around The Mall.

We suggest doing this in the evening and watching both the sunset and the monuments light up. 

Tour the Capitol Building.

Specifically with @ryloon. Even though that’s not a possibility anymore, but you should still do it. So many ancient secrets inside that building. That’s why their hair was so big. 

Eat at Rasika.

Seriously, it’ll change your life. Get the crispy spinach and cauliflower appetizers. They are to DIE for. I’m dreaming of a way to go back and eat there right now. 

Visit the National Gallery of Art.

Because there’s nothing better than roaming endlessly within the walls of one of best art galleries in the world.

Go to as many memorials as you can.

Aside from the more well known WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery, we loved visiting the FDR Memorial and MLK Memorial as well.

Go up the Washington Monument.

The views are spectacular, and it’s a really informative, historical experience. Like who knew they stopped building it a little less than halfway through and decades later when they went to finish, they had to get rock from a different quarry so the stone colors of the top half don’t match those on the bottom half? 

Go to brunch.

Anywhere really. But we suggest Ted’s Bulletin (they have homemade Pop Tarts!), Founding Farmers, or Farmers, Fishers, & Bakers. 

Walk around Georgetown and the harbor.

Especially at night. And hello, shopping. 

Go to the National Zoo and see the Pandas.

This one doesn’t really need explanation, does it? 🐼🐼🐼

Take a tour of the National Archives.

Feel like you’re inside of National Treasure and see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Go to the Farmer’s Market.

I still wish we could walk down Penn Quarter every Thursday and grab a cold-pressed juice. 

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