Top 20 Gifts for the Female Traveler.

November 24, 2016

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Top 20 Gifts for the Female Traveler in Your Life

As much as I love the holidays, they can also be incredibly stressful. I never seem to know what to get for anyone, and it’s always so hard for me to find the perfect gift. While any of your traveling friends would obviously love a yoga retreat in Bali or a trip to ski the Swiss Alps, that probably isn’t quite in your budget. So, we’re sharing some of our favorite travel related gifts, so you can get the dame traveler in your life a thoughtful and sensible gift that she’s guaranteed to love. 

Travel Accessories

Passport Holder: As much fun as it is to have a beat up passport, you still want to be able to read all your passport stamps year later, so keep it protected in this passport cover. It’s also much easier to keep track of it when you’re getting off and on the airplane and going through customs, because it doesn’t blend in with everything else. Plus, it’s one more cute and personalized travel accessory, and who doesn’t need more of that?

Phone Case: I don’t even have the iPhone 7, and I dream about having this case. 

Hydro Flask: Whether it’s the tiny cups of water they give you on the plane or the long hike at your destination, it’s pretty easy to not get enough water while traveling. I love the Hydro Flask water bottle, because it’s sturdy, and it keeps my water cold for 24 hours.

Camera: I don’t go anywhere without my camera. It’s like my child. I love all the memories a single photo can capture. We’re Canon people, and I love my DSLR, but this is the perfect camera for anyone who is not necessarily a professional photographer, but still wants to take high quality photos. It’s also light and easy to carry for when you’re on the road. 


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Travel Style

Jacket: There’s nothing worse than traveling and being wet and cold. Or being cold ever actually. This jacket is perfect, because it’s both cute and practical.

Latitude Longitude Necklace: This necklace is the perfect present for any travel lover. You can choose either the latitude and longitude of your favorite place and get it engraved on the necklace. Whether it’s the place you got married or your favorite travel spot, this necklace is both thoughtful and beautiful.   

Comfortable Shoes: Walking from museum to museum is a blast, but it’s not as much fun when you’re feet hurt. Comfortable shoes are a must while traveling, and these are my current favorites.  

Cute Shoes: That being said, every girl needs a pair of cute and comfortable shoes to wear on the more relaxing travel days. And my eyes are on these right now. 

Watch: This is the perfect present for anyone that’s looking to be stylish and not completely lost as to what time it is when they’ve flown halfway across the world and haven’t reached wifi yet so their phone is still stuck in their home time zone. 

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To Carry on the Plane: 

Weekender Bag: Every traveler needs a good bag, and whether you’re going somewhere for a long weekend or a couple weeks, this is the perfect bag. I love love love my Madewell bags. The leather holds up so perfectly, and the they look good while holding all your stuff.

Away Suitcase: This suitcase has is not only sleek and easy to carry on, but it also has a battery, so you never have to be stuck to the confines of an airport charging station again. And it’s guaranteed for life. 

Travel Blanket: There’s nothing worse than being freezing cold on a flight. Even though most airlines provide you with a small blanket, this one is definitely more comfortable than the ones they give you for free, and it folds right up so you can easily pack it away and carry it with you. 

In Your Suitcase:

Bathing suit: Because in my opinion it’s not traveling unless you’re going to a beach. Okay, fine. Maybe it is, but isn’t every vacation a million times better with your toes in the sand? 

Clarisonic: I’m pretty sure nothing feels better than washing your face after a long flight. And these little brushes are so small and sleek, you can wash your face in the plane bathroom without hesitation.

Make-up Bag: Along those same lines, I can’t function after a long flight unless I’ve brushed my teeth. A make-up bag is perfect to throw in your carry-on, and have on-hand during your flight. Throw in your toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, contacts, face wipes, etc, so you can still take care of yourself even when you’re on a plane. Plus, it will make packing “bathroom stuff” that much more fun.  

Polaroid Camera: As much fun as it is to snap a million pictures of the Eiffel Tower, it’s hard to decide which one to print out, and I usually don’t get around to printing any pictures from our trips for a few months. We love our Polaroid camera, because instant gratification! Plus it’s unique and so fun to have a wall of all of our Polaroid pictures hanging in our home.


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For Your Home: 

Art: One of our favorite ways to decorate our home is with pictures of the places we’ve been and all the places we want to go to.

Cork Board Globe: When we’re not traveling, we’re planning our next travels. This globe is the perfect gift, because you can put pins in the places you’ve already been and feed your wanderlust by seeing new places that you want to go to. 

Bon Voyage Calendar: I love looking at a calendar and seeing what adventures we have coming up along with all the things I need to get done before we can go. This calendar also has the cutest illustrations that you can frame once the month has past.

Artifact Uprising Box: We have a million little plane ticket stubs (okay a million is an exaggeration, but when they’re laying all over the place it sure feels like it), and I never know what to do with them, but I love keeping them as a reminder of our trips together. This is the perfect box to store all of your ticket stubs, pictures, postcards, and other travel knick knacks. 


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Personally, I’d love any of these. So if any of you are looking to get me a present: hint hint. Just kidding, but really. I really love all of these products, and I love that there are so many travel related products to continue to inspire us to make and capture memories. 

We are so grateful for our opportunity to share our travels with you all and to create our own little space on the internet to encourage and inspire us and others to travel the world and experience new places and cultures. As our Thanksgiving gift to you, all of our prints are 50% off with the coupon code “TURKEYDAY.”

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