Top 20 Gifts for the Male Traveler.

November 24, 2016

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Top 20 Gifts for the Male Traveler in Your Life

The holidays are sneaking up on us again, and it’s already time to think about shopping and gift giving. We love the opportunity to think about others and focus on bringing them joy, and luckily for us, Black Friday and Cyber Monday help make gift giving all the more joyful with great deals. We thought we’d do our part to help you get your holiday shopping done early this year. We’ve put together a list of some of Ryan’s favorite pieces of travel gear, some of which we already have and love, and some things that are on our wish list this year!


Sleeping Bag: Whether you’re camping in Yosemite next to a giant moose or spending the night sleeping under the stars, Cotopaxi makes a warm, light, and compact sleeping bag that will last you 61 years.

Hammock: These hammocks are portable, so they can be set up literally anywhere. In a tree, under a bridge, or in the middle of a canyon, if you’re feeling overly adventurous. Go for the double over the single, we promise it’ll be worth it.

TSA Approved Leatherman: No one wants to be caught with out their tools when they’re in the middle of an adventure. This set is TSA approved, so you can even carry it on your flight. 



Sneakers: These are my favorite shoes, because they literally feel like you are walking on clouds. And when you’re spending all day walking around and running from place to place you need shoes that make you feel like you truly are walking on clouds.  

Stance No Show Socks: These socks are the best because not only are they comfortable, but they also don’t hang out of your shoes. So you’re guaranteed to look good.

Sunglasses: I’m going to be honest, I don’t own a good pair of sunglasses. But every time I go anywhere, I wish I would have gotten myself a pair like these. It’s a pain when you’re traveling outside all day and struggle to see the beauty around you.




Drone: My drone is my baby, and this one I’ve linked here is all the more portable and powerful. It folds up and can basically fit in your back pocket, so it’s perfect for anyone that wants to capture amazing footage without having to lug around a giant suitcase full of camera gear. Some might call me drone obsessed (my wife), but I really am happy to answer any of your questions about which drone is best for you and tell you all about which one I eventually hope to upgrade to. Just send me an email. P.S. DJI has a huge sale going on this Black Friday Weekend. Check it out here.

Travel Tripod: If you plan on getting creative with night shots, time lapses, any sort of long exposure, or selfies from a distance, you’re going to need a tripod. This one is light and reliable, so it’s perfect for traveling.

DSLR and Drone Bag: This makes is super easy to carry both your drone and your camera, which is perfect, because carrying one camera bag is way easier than carrying two. Go figure.

GoPro Hero 5 Black: The new GoPro is waterproof, shoots RAW photos, and has voice control. I’m sold.

Back Up External Hard Drive: Have you ever lost the 10,000 pictures you took while exploring South East Asia? Me neither. But I think I’d about have a heart attack if I did. We bring an external hard drive along with us, so none of of pictures or memories somehow get lost. 

External Hard Drive Anti-Shock Case: See above.




Toiletry Bag: Not only will this bag make any man feel more handsome, but it also helps you keep your toiletries organized and separate from the rest of your luggage. I use my toiletry bag to have easy access to my contacts when I wake up at the end of a red-eye. 

Compact Daypack: Leave your big bag in your room or a locker and carry this collapsible waterproof day bag on your day exploring.

Wallet Phone Case: No need to fill two pockets with your phone and your wallet when your phone can become your wallet. Some wallet cases are bulky and a pain, others are more suave but leave your phone prone to having a shattered screen. This one is just right.

The Art of Shaving Kit: Shaving is a pain enough as it is, so this kit makes shaving on the go a little less painful, and smell even better. 




USB Rechargeable Flashlight: Stick it on your keychain and never worry about being without lights again.

Wifi Hotspot: It’s 2016 and no one really wants to be without wifi. Even if you prefer disconnecting, it’s never a bad idea to have this in case of an emergency.

Headphones: These headphones are perfect for travelers, because since they aren’t wireless, you’ll actually be able to use them to watch movies on the plane. They’re also easy to pack and noise isolating, so they’re perfect for when you’re on-the-go. 




Cork-board Map: We have this map and absolutely love it. We use it to check off the places we’ve been and to mark the places still on our bucketlist. If you’re like me you’ll stare at this everyday and use it to plan your next adventure.


We are so grateful for our opportunity to share our travels with you all and to create our own little space on the internet to encourage and inspire us and others to travel the world and experience new places and cultures.

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and as our Black Friday deal for you, all of our prints are 50% off with the coupon code “TURKEYDAY.”

If you’re planning your trip now, please use these links to look for cheap flights, great hotel deals, and other things to do

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