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July 11, 2016

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Our Packing List.

You know that feeling when your bags are all packed and you walk out the door and you’re convinced you’re forgetting something, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? That’s the absolute worst feeling, and most of the time you didn’t actually leave anything behind, but the fear of forgetting something important is so real. So, to help you get over your FOP (fear of packing), we are sharing our top ten travel essentials. Some of these things make our lives easier while we’re abroad and others help us document the best times of our lives. Plus, as long as we have these things with us, we can survive if anything else ends up getting left behind.

  1. Osprey Backpack: Checking a bag is expensive and traveling with a big bulky suitcase is inconvenient. We love our Osprey backpacks, because they’re carry-on size approved and have plenty of space to fit everything you need inside. Plus, you can walk right off the plane and start exploring without worrying about whether your room is ready for check-in. They’re also very durable. Ryan used his to backpack through South America and Europe for two months, and he’s still using it two years later. 
  2. Power Adapters: If you’re anything like us, you never realized how many things you plug in until you go out of the country. Whether you want to blow dry your hair or charge your camera, a converter and an adapter are absolutely essential if you’re traveling out of the country. Also, a little secret for you: if you have an iPhone or any Apple product, your charging cube works as a voltage converter, so you’ll only need an adapter to be able to fit the plug into the outlets.
  3. Wallet Phone Case: Carrying a bulky wallet around is a pain and also not the safest idea. This wallet phone case helps us carry one less thing, and we know we’ll never lose my wallet, because we never let go of our phones.
  4. Her Nikes / His Nikes: Investing in these shoes was one of the best decisions we ever made. We always struggled with not wanting to look too much like tourists, but found the perfect balance between comfort and style in these Nikes. Feet, meet your new best friends!
  5. Super Garlic Immune Formula / X-Ceptic Activated Charcoal / Sulfur: There’s nothing worse than investing in a trip and having to sit on the sidelines the whole time because you got sick. We have never gotten sick during our travels, and we give all the credit to these herbs. And they won’t just control the symptoms like your typical western medicine. Sulfur fights off mosquitos, Activated Charcoal will remove unwanted toxins from your body, and Super Garlic Immune and X-Ceptic will fight off pretty much anything and everything else. 
  6. Canon EOS 6D: Sam’s baby. 
  7. DJI Phantom 3: Advanced: Ryan’s baby.  
    Truly though, we’re extremely happy with our cameras. These should actually probably be at the very top of the list, because we don’t go anywhere without them. They create beautiful images and memories that will last a lifetime, and they allow us to express our creativity from different angles and vantage points every day.
  8. GoPro Hero 4 Silver: The GoPro can go places our other cameras can’t (like on the tire of a Safari Jeep or under water with sharks), and once you figure out how to get creative with it, the videos become incredible.
  9. External Hard Drive: We literally fill up all our SD cards and our computer every time we travel, so an external hard drive is so necessary. Plus, the emotional breakdowns we’d have if we lost everything…
  10. High Quality SD Cards / Micro SD Cards: Too often SD cards fail (we know from experience), so don’t be a victim of SD card failure and buy a high-quality SD card. Maybe even two. Also, do your research to find out which SD cards work best with your devices.

Also, tomorrow is Amazon’s “Prime Day,” which is basically their version of Black Friday, so if you’re thinking you need to add any of these items to your list (or anything really, because seriously Amazon is the best), save yourself some money and order tomorrow. Then put the money you saved toward your next trip! 🤗

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