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April 5, 2017

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Hotel Balmoral is literally incredible! During both of our visits to Paris in the past year, we’ve stayed at Hotel Balmoral, and the hospitality and comfort of this hotel is unlike anywhere we’ve ever stayed before. Ryan and I both kept saying how it truly feels like our little home away from home (although, we’d love it if Paris were our actual home someday). 






The suite rooms are very spacious, with a couch and entertainment area, closets, and a large bathroom. The rooms are the perfect combination of cozy and chic with beautiful decor and original paintings. The bathrooms have plenty of space and a large bath, which makes taking a long bath the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day exploring the city. There is also a warming rack for the towels, and how incredible is that? Because, honestly there’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower to a warm towel. The room also has the most comfortable robes, and there are few things I love more than wearing a robe when I’m at a hotel. It’s #hotellife at it’s finest. 

Each room also has a hand-held device that you can use and take with you when you’re out exploring the city, which is incredibly helpful and has a city guide that gives you directions and helps with last-minute planning of where to go and what to do. You can use the 4G plan free of charge! The hotel also has free wifi and a delicious breakfast that you can either enjoy in the dining area or in your room. We suggest getting the chocolate croissants and brownies (and yes, eating brownies for breakfast is totally acceptable when you’re in Paris). 

The staff is incredibly friendly and super helpful, and they even remembered our names eight months later! They also helped us store our luggage before our room was ready, so we didn’t have to miss any time exploring this perfectly beautiful city. We really appreciate that kind of hospitality, because sometimes it’s hard to adjust to the culture in a different country or communicate when you speak different languages, but the team at Hotel Balmoral really goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and help you with anything you need. 

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The hotel is located right by Arc de Triomphe, so it’s honestly the perfect central location in Paris. The view from Arc de Triomphe is one of our favorites in the whole city. Staying so close makes it easy to go first thing in the morning before it gets too crowded or right before sunset. It’s also super easy to just walk down Champs Élysées and shop ’til you drop. Or get macarons from Ladurée. Because it’s not a trip to Paris unless you go to Ladurée, right? And it only takes about 20 minutes to walk to the Eiffel Tower.

It’s also located right around the corner from a very convenient metro stop, so you can easily hop on and off the metro to all of the best sites in the city. One of our favorite things about Hotel Balmoral is that is has bikes that are free for guests to use! During our first stay, we used the bikes to explore the entire city! We rode from Arc de Triomphe to Montmarte to The Lourve, and it was definitely the most fun and cheapest way to get around!



Our room faced the most perfectly Parisian façade that we could not stop taking pictures of. And the balcony is everything we could’ve ever dreamt of. It was the perfect way to just breathe in all the beauty of the city, and we had to keep pinching ourselves that we were actually in Paris. I’m convinced there’s no better way to wake up in the morning. The only downside is that we can’t wake up in that perfect hotel room every day.   

There’s honestly no where else we’d rather stay in Paris. If you’re planning a trip to Paris soon, stay at Hotel Balmoral, and we promise you will not be disappointed. Eat extra crepes for us in the morning and say hello to François (the owner)! 

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Thanks again for letting us stay with you, Hotel Balmoral!

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