21 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Ireland.

March 29, 2017


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Ireland was seriously mindblowing-ly beautiful. I’m pretty sure that’s not even a word, but that’s how stunning it was. We rented a car with Avis so that we could make the most out of our time and explore the entire country in the short amount of time we had there. We even drove up to Northern Ireland, which honestly was probably our favorite part. Giant’s Causeway is UN-REAL. 

After arriving at the London airport and realizing we forgot our passports (face palm), we finally made it to Ireland, and ended up flying into Cork. From Cork, we drove right to Blarney Castle and kissed the Blarney stone! I had no idea you had to sit down, turn around, and kiss it while hanging upside down, haha. But apparently it worked, because we had good luck the entire rest of our trip! From Blarney, we went to Killarney National Park, which was so beautiful. We drove around beautiful look out points with incredible lakes, ran around waterfalls, and walked through old abbeys (which obviously made me think of Downtown Abbey and start speaking in a fake accent, because ‘ello what’s more fun than that?–spoken in an Irish accent obviously).

From Killarney, we drove up to Limerick and stayed at No. 1 Pery Square. First thing in the morning, we hopped in our car, stopped at Dromoland Castle, and made our way to Cliffs of Moher. The winds were like 40 mph that day, and we were seriously getting blown over. It was both hilarious and terrifying. Thanks Storm Doris. Then we drove up the coast, which was beautiful. It’s just full of all of these beautiful rocks and cliffs and there’s an old castle or a field of sheep every corner you turn, and it’s all just so cool!

We spent a little bit in Dublin and went to Temple Bar (obviously, because we’re just as much tourists as we are adventurers haha). But honestly, Northern Ireland was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. We both just kept stopping to take pictures every ten seconds. We spent the morning exploring Giant’s Causeway, then we walked across the bridge at Carrick-a-Rede, and finished off the day driving (because it was raining) through the Dark Hedges (made famous by Game of Thrones, which I’ve actually never watched and never plan on watching, but it was still just as cool). 

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, our two favorite things were Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway. But honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do, because the beauty of the entire country is jaw-dropping, and you will fall in love with all of the greenery, the tiny little houses and cute towns, and the perfect Irish accents.  Just make sure you pack a water bottle, umbrella, and a windbreaker, because it’s sure to be an adventure.


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