5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Health While Traveling.

January 11, 2018



by guest author: Helena henry

Going traveling? Don’t forget about the importance of your health – when heading abroad, there are plenty of things you should be preparing and looking out for, from potential illnesses to your diet.

Here are five ways to keep on top of your health when traveling:

how to stay healthy while traveling

how to stay healthy while traveling

Talk to Your Doctor Beforehand:

One of the best ways to watch your health when traveling happens before you even fly out. Be sure to liaise with your doctor before you go – there may be vaccinations and precautions you need to be aware of depending on your chosen destinations, and your doctor will have all the details.

Bring Medication With You:

It’s important you’re bringing the essentials, and that includes medication. Whether you specifically require any or not, it’s always a good idea to pack some medicine in your case for wherever you’re going. Consider paracetamol or ibuprofen for pain relief, antiseptic cream for any cuts or grazes you get along the way, and antihistamines for allergic reactions.

If you require certain medication that you’ll need to bring with you through customs, make sure you’re prepared to explain its necessity to security. A doctor’s note is often required – with security measures being so strict across the world in nearly every airport, you’ll need to be prepared.

supergoop sunscreen

supergoop sunscreen

Slap on the Sunscreen:

No matter where you are in the world, there simply isn’t an excuse not to wear sunscreen at all times. Even when it’s cloudy the sun can shine through, and especially when you’re in hot climates, the risk of damaging your skin is simply too high not to protect yourself.

If you don’t wear sunscreen, burning should be the least of your worries. Illnesses such as sunstroke and even sun poisoning could occur as a result of overexposure to the sun, so make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent it. Hospitalisation is often costly, and not worth the risk.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Staying hydrated is key when traveling, both due to the often warm temperatures you encounter as well as the exertion traveling often requires. You’ll find yourself dehydrated very quickly, so steer clear of the fizzy soft drinks and alcohol and opt for water instead.

It’s recommended you drink around three liters of water a day, but when traveling you may want to consume even more than that. It sounds challenging, but your body will thank you for it – when you’re hydrated, you’ll feel a lot more energetic and awake.

how to stay healthy while traveling

how to stay healthy while traveling

Watch Your Diet:

In conjunction with drinking water, your diet is just as important. Overindulging on the best local delicacies your location has to offer will affect your body and health in both short and long-term ways, so consider just what you’re choosing to eat.

Of course, it’s essential you treat yourself to a few indulgent snacks along the way, but try to limit yourself. Be sure to eat your five-a- day as normal, and try to stick to a normal food plan and routine in order to ensure your body isn’t hindered by your dietary intake.

Do you have any more tips for the health of your fellow travelers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

By Guest Author Helena Henry

Helena Henry is a weekend travel junkie. She normally spends her weekend camping and going on fishing tours with her friends. She is currently finishing her MA in Hospitality Management and is also doing freelance writing gigs for different travel websites. She’s been around Europe and plans to spend her spring vacation in Asia this year.

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