6 Things to do in Wheeling, West Virginia

March 15, 2022

West Virginia

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We had been wanting to visit West Virginia for a while, and this fall we finally got to visit! We went to the small town of Wheeling, West Virginia, and it gave us all the charming small town vibes. It honestly kind of felt like we were living in all of our favorite small town tv shows – Gilmore Girls, Virgin River, Bless This Mess (ya know, the best ones). Wheeling is located between Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and plays an integral part in American history as Independence Hall in Wheeling is where West Virginia became a state in 1863. The city is definitely an off-the-beaten-path town and a great destination for any arts and culture lovers. We spent a few days exploring the city and here is our list of the six best things to do in Wheeling, West Virginia!

6 Things to do in Wheeling, West Virginia:

Visit the Centre Market:

The Centre Market is an iconic market in Wheeling that is older than West Virginia itself. It’s a great place to go and spend the afternoon browsing from shop to shop, grabbing treats like homemade cookies and ice cream, and eating the popular fish sandwich from Coleman’s Fish Market. Ryan tried it and said it’s definitely worth the experience! The Centre Market has various shops with homemade gifts, art, and jewelry. And alongside the market you’ll find a lot of vintage and thrift shops and some other one-of-a-kind stores, which makes the whole area a must stop during your visit to Wheeling.

Enjoy a French treat at Good Mansion Wines:

Good Mansion Wines is a charming wine store that also has a bakery and a deli in the back. Be sure to get the “Le Seine” sandwich. It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had! The resident pastry chef is from Paris, so you know everything is going to be authentic and delicious.

Watch sunset on the water at Heritage Port:

This is probably one of the most picturesque places in Wheeling. It is a waterfront park along the Ohio River where you can enjoy an evening stroll as a family. It’s a great place to watch sunset behind the trees and watch the water and sky change colors. You can also enjoy sunset from the Suspension Bridge, which you can see from Heritage Port. It crosses the Ohio River and was the longest suspension bridge in the world at one point.


Go to a Lip Sync Battle at the Victoria Theater:

Victoria Theater is the oldest operating theater in West Virginia. We went to a Lip Sync Battle live event here, and it was one of those things that really made us feel like we were part of a small town tv show. It was set up just like the show Lip Sync Battle, but a small town version. Everyone from the local sheriff and news anchor to the high school band and local dance teams were participating in the lip sync concert. Everyone really went all out and you could tell they had been practicing for a while. It was really entertaining and fun to see how the whole community came together to participate and enjoy a fun night together.

Enjoy dinner at Elle and Jack’s:

We absolutely loved our meal at Elle and Jack’s. Elle and Jack’s is one of Wheeling’s newest restaurants and it certainly did not disappoint! It has a great ambiance and the roasted cauliflower and the gnocchi were absolutely delicious! It’s a really nice spot to sit down and enjoy a meal during your stay in Wheeling. We definitely recommend adding Elle and Jack’s to your itinerary during your visit.


If you’re visiting Wheeling during the fall, be sure to plan your trip around Oglebayfest! Oglebayfest is a fall festival hosted at the Oglebay Resort that brings in vendors from the surrounding areas for fall activities, shopping, and so many delicious eats. There are stands with homemade pastries, candles, artwork, popcorn, and just about anything you can think of. They also have pie making contests, pig racing, donkey rides, and so much more. It’s definitely a great way to get into the fall spirit and support local vendors and artisans.

Where to Stay:

Hampton Inn Wheeling:

We stayed at The Hampton Inn in Wheeling, West Virginia and was voted the #1 Hampton Inn in the world! We were honestly shocked when we first heard that, but after staying there, we can totally see why! It has a beautiful fitness center, an indoor pool, outdoor fire pits and a grilling area, and our room even had heated bathroom floors and an outdoor patio! The staff was very helpful, and we had a wonderful stay. We would highly recommend staying here during your stay in Wheeling. Book your stay at the Hampton Inn here!

Oglebay Resort:

Especially if you’re going to Oglebayfest, be sure to stay at Oglebay Resort. Oglebay Resort is a year-round resort that spans over 1500 acres! There is a stunning golf course, beautiful gardens, a zoo, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and you can even going skiing of snowboarding there in the winter! It’s truly a family-friendly resort where you can spend the whole weekend enjoying the beauty of nature and activities the whole family with enjoy. We went on a hike to one of the waterfalls on the property and it was a great way to spend our morning outside before we set off to explore even more. Book your stay at Oglebay Resort here!

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