8 Must-Sees in Northwestern Australia

September 7, 2021

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When we set off to do a massive lap around Australia 3 years ago, we dedicated a year of time and funds to a trip, planning to go back to the United States once we were through. Once we ventured into north Western Australia, those plans changed. It completely captivated us and we haven’t left since.

We’ve fallen in love with this massive region, and even after all of this time we still feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. These are our 8 must-sees in North Western Australia:

8 Must-Sees in Northwestern Australia

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1. Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is located in the Pilbara region of northwest Western Australia. It’s famous for its breathtaking gorges, freezing cold swimming holes, and mountainous, rugged terrain. The hiking here is some of the best in the whole country, and it’s unlike anywhere we’ve seen in all of our travels.


2. Kooljiman

This pristine cape north of Nileribanjen (Broome) is one of the most striking coastlines in the world. Pindan (the name for this rich, red soil that’s characteristic of the region) cliffs jut out onto white sand, and when they mix the beaches can appear a dusty pink. You can camp along the cliffs as long as you pack everything in and out and have a capable, reliable vehicle.

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3. Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is the second largest man-made lake in Australia, located near Kununurra in remote northeast Western Australia. Its main purpose is irrigating the surrounding region, but it is an incredibly beautiful place to explore and has one of the best caravan parks in the country. Enjoy live music, a dip in the freezing infinity pool, and a sunset cruise along the lake.

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4. Gibb River Road

Originally constructed in the 1960s for cattle transport, the Gibb River Road is an extremely remote, rugged Australian outback 4WD track through northwest WA. Depending on the conditions it requires an extremely capable vehicle to explore, but if you can make it you’ll explore some of the regions more accessible spots – like Devonian Reef National Park, Tunnel Creek, and El Questro.

gibb river road

5. Nileribanjen (Broome)

Broome is a magical town at the base of the Kimberley in northwest Western Australia. You can catch festivals and markets here year-round, spectacular sunsets from Walmanyjun (Cable Beach), and 10 meter king tides at Minyirr (Gantheaume Point).

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6. Ningaloo Reef

If swimming, snorkeling, diving, and surfing with endless schools of fish, manta rays, whale sharks, humpback whales, and more turtles than you can count sounds like your dream, this is your place. If we had to name one place, this is actually our favorite place in all of WA, and we’ve spent three seasons living and working on the reef.

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7. Gutharraguda (Shark Bay)

This place is home to Australia’s largest bay – and it’s often overlooked! There are over 1,000 kilometers of pristine, calm, protected beaches to explore, and some of the most impressive scenery we’ve ever witnessed. Here you can also find the world’s oldest living organisms, a beach made entirely of shells, and some incredible diving as well.


8. Quobba (Blowholes)

Quobba is a station and campground located along the coast near Carnarvon, Western Australia. The bays are beautiful and home to some of the region’s best snorkeling, along with impressive cliffs and rock pools. The region can get powerful ocean swells, and when the conditions are right, water is pushed through the sea caves and out through openings on the surface, causing an impressive show!

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We could write an endless list for the best places in this massive part of Australia – but there really are so many hidden gems to explore. One day we hope to be able to discover even more of this region, and until then we hope you enjoy dreaming and planning your own trip too.

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8 must sees in northwestern australia
8 must sees in northwestern australia
8 must sees in northwestern australia

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