Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

March 19, 2024


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I have accepted that I am not much of a holiday mom, but there are a few holidays that I feel like are worth making special, and Easter is one of them. I remember always being so excited to find my Easter basket as a kid, so I’m hoping to continue that tradition for my daughter. But I also don’t want to create an easter basket that’s just full of candy, so I’m trying to get creative with things she actually needs (like new clothes because she’s grown out of what fit her last year), a new pair of sandals, and some fun activities that she can use this summer. So if you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for toddlers and little kids, here’s my list:

Easter basket ideas for toddlerS:

Crayola Magnetic Tiles – These cute glitter pastel magnetic tiles are screaming my name. You can never have enough magnetic tiles in my opinion, because they get played with so often so adding more to the collection is a great idea.

Easter Dress – I remember getting a new dress every year on Easter, and I always thought it was so fun, so I’m trying to keep the tradition alive. I got this dress for Luna this year. It’s not cheap but I love it and I sized up, so hopefully she can wear it next year too. This dress is so so cute (and more affordable) too. 

Sandals – I love the idea of new shoes for Easter, because toddlers outgrow their shoes so fast, so new sandals are both practical and fun. Luna just got these sandals for her birthday and she’s worn them every day since. I love that they are velcro, so she can do them herself. These ones are cheaper and look really similar.

Bathing Suit – Thinking ahead to spring/summer and getting her a bathing suit that will fit her all summer. These ones with the bows on the back are so so cute, and I cannot get over how cute this one is for little boys. Also strongly considering this hooded towel for once we’re done playing at the beach and pool this summer.

Toddler Safe Scissors – My daughter is in a very big “do it herself” phase and she has been begging for her own scissors, so I got her these toddler friendly ones. I thought the little animal designs were so cute.

Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash – I love a gift that will actually get used and we love Tubby Todd! The Bubble Bath makes bath time so fun and the Hair & Body Wash works so well and I love how it’s so gentle on my daughter’s skin. You automatically get 10% off at checkout when you use this link!

Egg Shaped Playdoh – We are in a big Play-doh phase and these eggs shaped ones are so fun for Easter.

Easter Book – I love using holidays as an excuse to get new books, and then it’s so fun to read them to get excited about the holidays the next year. I ordered this one, but this one is so cute, and the Llama Llama series is always a winner too.

Sticker Book – These reusable sticker books have provided us endless entertainment for us at restaurants, on airplanes, in the car, and even at home. Truly the perfect activity. 

Chalk – Another fun activity that’s perfect for spring and summer. I love how these ones are dustless and won’t make their hands super messy.

Water Bottle – Luna desperately needs a new water bottle for preschool, so I’m putting this one In her Easter basket.

Then of course I’ll add a few fun snacks (like these bunny shaped gummies that she loves), pouches, and some candy, because why not. Happy Easter!

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