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November 22, 2021


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There are very few things I love more than being cozy at home, especially lately, and some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten are ones that make my life at home easier and more comfortable! I have almost all of the things on this list already and I am obsessed. Here’s our list of the best holiday gifts for the homebody in your life!

12 Best gifts for the homebody:

Cozy Earth Bedding Sheets: We love love love our Cozy Earth sheet set! They’re bamboo sheets and they are truly so soft and cozy! When my sister came to town to visit, she even commented on how soft and comfortable they were! They’re breathable and keep you cool at night, which is amazing. They’re on Oprah’s favorites list year-after-year, so that should solidify how amazing they are. Plus there is truly no better feeling than slipping into bed with new, fresh clean sheets, so this is the perfect gift for the homebody! There’s also a 100-night trial, so they can be sure they’re totally satisfied! Use the code: CE-PASSPORT for 40% off!

Lunya Silk Set: I love my Lunya pajamas! They’re all so soft and cozy and this silk set is sure to make anyone feel luxe and fabulous. Honestly I feel like a real adult who has my life somewhat together now that I have an actual pajama set, haha. Plus it’s machine washable (even though it’s silk), which is truly just the way everything should be! Use the code: SAMSGIFT20 for $20 off your first order of $100 or more.

Pebble Ice Machine: This was my Mother’s Day present last year, and it was truly the very best gift I have ever gotten! It makes me so so happy every time I come back home to it. Like honestly I look forward to coming home from a trip just so I can have my perfectly soft pebble ice again. It’s definitely a splurge, but it’s also a gift that will likely be used every single day. I know it is in our house, haha.

Vuori Boyfriend Jogger: I got these last year and have been living in them honestly ever since. Like I’m literally wearing them right now as I type this. They are truly so soft and comfortable and just the perfect sweat pant to wear all winter long. All of my sisters are getting them as our Christmas Eve pajamas, haha.

Vitruvi Diffuser: I have this Vitruvi diffuser and I love it, because not only does it make my house smell amazing, it also looks so pretty in our living room. I love a piece that’s functional and also acts as beautiful home decor and this is absolutely one of those gifts.

Volcano Oil: To go in the diffuser obviously. This is my favorite scent of all time. And I love the oil and diffuser combo so much more than candles, because I can never get the candle to burn all the way through haha, so this way you know you’re getting your money’s worth haha. Plus it lasts so much longer!

Caraway Bakeware Set: I love nothing more than baking when I just want to be cozy at home, and this Caraway Bakeware Set is the ultimate gift for the homebody in your life. It includes 11 different pieces, all of which have toxic-free ceramic surfaces, and it comes in so many different cute colors. It also comes with storage organizers which are basically a dream come true, because trying to organize bakeware is always so hard. They also have a full non-toxic cookware set if the person you’re gifting to prefers cooking over baking (unlike me, haha).

Eufy Robot Vacuum: We got this as a Christmas present a few years ago, and it’s honestly one of the best gifts we have ever received! It makes cleaning up and vacuuming so. much. easier. Even though we have a small space, it gets dusty and sandy from our beach days pretty quickly, and it’s so nice to have this and just let it run every night before we go to bed. I  honestly feel like everyone should have one of these. We love ours so much that Ryan bought one for his sister haha!

Cozy Earth Rib-Knit Shorts: Clearly we love everything Cozy Earth and I have these shorts and this top from their Rib-Knit collection and they are so cozy. They’re heavy but in the way where it kind of feels like you’re being snuggled. The thick waist band is so nice and just makes the overall fit way more comfortable. I sized up for a more oversized fit and I truly love it! I feel like this is the perfect gift for your mom or mother-in-law! Use the code: CE-PASSPORT for 40% off!

Jenni Kayne Hand Soap: Okay, I feel like this is a really practical present, but also like the ideal gift, because you would never want to spend that much on hand soap yourself, but I promise you it smells AMAZING, and it feels so luxurious when you’re using it. You’ll feel like you’re in a fancy hotel room when you’re just in your bathroom, haha.

Hot Mess Ice Roller: This is actually on my wish list this year, because everyone raves about it and nothing says self-care quite like putting a cold roller on your face every morning. This one de-puffs skin, boosts circulation, and tightens pores. Nothing says you’re in your thirties quite like being in your skincare era, haha.

Our Place Always Pan: This was my Christmas present two years ago, and it makes me happy every day! I really do love it so much. Not only is it so easy to clean but it also cooks really nicely and it looks so pretty sitting out on our stove top. They have so many fun colors, and they are also doing their biggest sale of the year right now, so you can get it for the best price ever right now! (This is also the #1 most ordered gift already from you all this season!)

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