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November 22, 2021

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Luna is about to turn one, which means she’s almost officially a toddler (I’m trying not to cry just thinking about it)! One thing that does make this age more fun is that getting a Christmas present this year will be so much fun! Some of these are probably more appropriate for littles 18+ months, but I wanted to put together a list of ideas and also have options of toys littles can grow into and play with all year long! Here’s our list of the best holiday gifts for toddlers!

12 best gifts for toddlers:

Lovevery Play Kit– We LOVE our Lovevery Playkits! This is the gift that keeps on giving, because not only will they want to play with it all morning on Christmas, but it’s also the perfect gift for them to play with throughout the next few months. I love that the Lovevery Playkits are designed to meet your baby where they’re at developmentally and help them discover and explore the world in ways that actually help them learn! And they’re the kind of toys that look pretty in your house, which is just a massive plus in my opinion. 

Wooden Mixer Set: I truly cannot wait for the day when Luna and I can bake cookies together and this little wooden mixer set is such a cute start! The little toy butter, flour, and kitchen scale are all seriously just too cute!

Purbebe Bath Salts – I don’t know if this is more of a gift for baby or mom, but these Purbebe bath salts smell absolutely AMAZING! My favorite is the rose and vanilla scent! And Gwyneth Paltrow approves and anything that’s good enough for Gwyneth is absolutely good enough for me haha. These bath salts are all-natural and made with 100% essential oils that soothe and relax your baby so they can sleep deeper (which is obviously the best Christmas gift of all for any new mom, haha). And you can rest easy knowing you’re only using the best on your baby! The Starry Night Oil is great for hydrating their skin and giving them a little massage before bed! Use the code: SAMANDRYAN15 for 15% off!

Sweater Set – Babies are constantly outgrowing their clothes, so clothes are as much a practical gift as they are a fun one haha. A cute sweater set is at the top of my list for Luna this year, and I had this one for her in the newborn size and I kind of want to get it for her again, haha. 

ABC Puzzle – Luna has this and it’s so cute! Not only would it make a cute decoration for a kids room, but it’s also practical and a fun way to learn. Plus it’s from an Etsy shop, so it’s a great way to shop small this season. And it’s part of the Etsy sale, so it’s 60% off right now! This personalized name puzzle is adorable too! You can customize the colors, choose pegs or no pegs, and add additional elements like a rainbow, flower, train, or plane!

Unicorn Blankey – Littles love loveys and this one is so soft and has a Iittle blankey attached to it, so it feels like the perfect gift for them to snuggle with and carry around all year.

Ball Pit: I kind of wish we had a play room, because this ball pit would be so. much. fun! My nephew got one for Christmas last year and seriously plays in it every day. Plus this feels like the kind of present that really creates Christmas morning magic!

Jelly Cat Seahorse: We’re obsessed with Jelly Cat stuffed animals over here! They are so soft and cuddly and there are so many different cute ones! Have you seen the new fruit collection? Luna has the blueberry and we’re all obsessed. This little sea horse is so cute though, and I hope Luna loves the ocean as much as I do, so getting her little ocean animals feels like a step in the right direction.

Lovevery Block Set: You know we’re obsessed with Lovevery and this Block Set is seriously such a fun gift for littles, and they’ll definitely play with it for a long time! There are so many possibilities to create with it from houses and bridges to towers and towns, and it can even turn into a little wooden car! It’s so cute and a great option for open-ended play for years to come!

Deep Sea Adventure Activity Center: Okay, I’m sorry but how freaking cute is this? Just going along with my theme of wanting Luna to love the ocean, haha, and this is seriously so fun I cannot even handle it. I honestly might just need to get it for Luna for Christmas this year, because it’s a great toy to practice standing and the little fish move through the sliders, the clams clap open and shut and the spinning beads are great for development!

Dream Big Book: I feel like you can never have enough books for little kids and books are such a great gift because it’s also a great way to spend time together! I love this Dream Big book and I think this Grumpy Monkey book is so cute!

Wooden Camera: If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly taking pictures of your baby and Luna is already showing so much interest in our camera and phones! This little wooden toy camera is so cute and a fun way to let toddlers feel like they’re part of the picture taking experience! Plus it would look so cute on a bedroom or playroom shelf!

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