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November 27, 2017


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holiday gift guide for the traveler

I love looking at gift guides and getting new ideas for my family and friends, so we decided to create an OTP Holiday Gift Guide with the products we love to help you with what to get the travel lover in your life. (Or what to get yourself. You deserve to treat yourself too.) Since it’s Cyber Monday and there are incredible deals going on, now really is the best time to shop! And you can use all the extra money you’re saving to go on a trip!

For Him:

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Patagonia Sweater: Ryan love love loves his Patagonia jacket and basically wears it everywhere we go. It’s perfect for a cold plane, chilly destination, or underneath a heavier coat. 

Travel Kit: It’s so nice to have all of your toiletries in one place and to be able to have a separate travel set. That way you can just leave it in your suitcase between trips, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting tooth paste again.

Sweat Pants: A comfortable pair of sweatpants is so necessary. Whether they’re for the plane, late at night, or just lounging on the beach after sunset, everyone deserves a good pair of sweats. 

Drone: Our drone is honestly one of our favorite purchases we’ve ever made. It gives you the opportunity to see life from new angles. Plus, this deal from Nordstrom is the best we’ve ever seen. Not sure which one to get, check out our guide on which drone you should buy.

Allbirds: Because comfortable and stylish shoes are a must while traveling.

Garment Duffle Bag: This bag is so unique and seems like the perfect solution to all your “wrinkle-y shirt and scrunched up pants” needs.

For Her:

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Velvet Overalls: I love overalls, because they are so fun and so versatile, so you can create a variety of different outfits and looks  with them. 

Tier-Sleeve Sweater: A classic yet trendy sweater makes for the perfect winter wardrobe staple. 

Allbirds: Because matching with your husband is fun. And, once again, they’re super comfortable.

Jeans: Every girl deserves a good pair of jeans she feels totally confident in, and these basically feel like leggings, so it’s a win-win. 

Circle Purse: Not only will it make the perfect carry-on bag, but it will also look way cute in all of your photos. 

Sparkly Sneakers: I believe this phrase says it best–all that glitters is gold.

Twirl Trio: This is the perfect set to create a variety of hair styles from beachy waves to tight ringlets and relaxed glamorous curls.

Booties: A winter essential. 

For the Journey:

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Leather Backpack: I carry a leather backpack with me everywhere I go. It’s perfect for the plane and for carrying my camera, sweater, and water bottle while we’re out exploring all day. Here is another one of our favorites.

Eye Mask: Sleeping on a plane is basically a nightmare as is, so you deserve a good eye mask.

Yoga Mat: I love doing yoga in the airport during layovers or as soon as we get to our destination, and a good yoga mat makes all the difference.

Passport Holder: I have this passport holder, and I love it. Mostly because it’s cute, but also because it helps keep my passport from getting bent and destroyed.

Dyson Hair Dryer: This blow-dryer is seriously life changing. It’s also the super lightweight and the perfect size to fit in your suitcase and take with you wherever you go.

Neck Pillow: A neck pillow that doubles as an eye mask is basically the perfect plane companion.

Passport Holder: Because you can never have too many cute passport holders, right?

Stocking Stuffers:

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Travel Clutch: The perfect little bag to throw your extra Euro in.

Supergoop Pouch: Sunscreen is pretty much always a necessity while traveling, and we love Supergoop’s natural and organic product line.

Face Wash: A gentle and all-natural face wash to keep your skin looking fresh. 

Skyline Trinket Dish: Basically because they’re adorable. And I love all things London, Paris, and New York City.

Portable Charger: Because you always seem to need an extra charger. 

Beaches: Gray Malin is a true artist, and this is the perfect book to inspire wanderlust. And make you want to buy a drone. We also sell our fine art prints here

Polaroid: We bring our Polaroid camera with us everywhere! The instant gratification of having a physical picture printed out immediately is so worth it. 

See San Francisco: I love books like these, because they remind you of all the beauty in new cities and make you excited to get out and explore.  

A few other things you might be interested in gifting a frequent traveler that we absolutely LOVE are Global Entry and an Away Suitcase.

We love sharing gifts related to travel, because it’s so much more than a present. It’s an experience and memory that will last a lifetime. The ultimate gift for a travel lover, is travel itself. Make memories together on Adventure with Our Travel Passport. Book between now and December 1 for $150 off per person! Mention “CYBERMONDAY” in your application.

What is your favorite gift to give during the holidays?

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