The Best Places to Eat in Canggu, Bali.

November 29, 2018


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The food in Bali is so good. Like literally, we’d make the 24-hour flight back just to eat at all of these places again. There are so many healthy options, so it’s the perfect holiday destination if you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or if you’re like us and just really like delicious, healthy, real food.

Because of Bali’s tropical climate, fruits like coconuts, bananas, mangoes, and dragon fruit all grow easily, so not only is everything really fresh, it’s also super affordable. For example, in Bali, you can get a smoothie bowl ($5), a cold pressed juice ($2), and an avocado toast ($5) all for about $12, whereas in Los Angeles, a smoothie bowl alone costs $12. Basically, Bali is like my food heaven. There are so many delicious places to eat and even more traditional Balinese restaurants too, but here is a list of our favorite places we ate in the Canggu area:

The Best Places to Eat in Canggu, Bali:

Kynd Community:

Okay, Kynd Community is technically in Seminyak, but it’s about a 15 minute bike ride from Canggu and worth. every. minute. You might have seen this place all over Instagram, but it’s not only picture perfect, the food is seriously even better than it looks. We went to Kynd for our last breakfast in Bali, and I wish we had gone sooner, because we would’ve gone back every. single. day. It was my favorite restaurant of all the places we ate at while we were in Bali. It’s 100% plant-based and everything from the Avocado Toast to the Pancakes will make your stomach so happy. Be sure to ask for writing on your smoothie bowl so it’s that much more Instagrammable. (They cut our little pieces of fruit, ours was mango, and can write out up to eight letters!)

Peloton Supershop:

Peloton Supershop was one of the first restaurants we ate at when we were in Bali, and it is by far one of my favorites. It’s all plant based, so all of the meals are super creative, like the bbq jackfruit tacos and the soy “chicken” parmy. Be sure to start with the Nacho Libre and get a side of sweet potato fries. It’s also a great place to sit and get some work done.


Musubi is a Japanese-inspired restaurant that offers delicious fusion meals like Chicken Teriyaki Tacos and Hibachi Steak. But you cannot go without getting the Sushi Burger. I loved the Tofu Sushi Burger, and Ryan loved the Beef Sushi Burger so much that he got two. The crispy rice bun wrapped in seaweed is seriously the perfect combo. Also, make sure you get a side of fries, because they are actually amazing.

The Shady Shack:

The Shady Shack is the cutest little cafe and the perfect breakfast spot. We went right after a morning surf sesh and the smoothie bowls were literally perfect. It’s our friends League Travels favorite breakfast spot. They go almost every morning, so you know it’s good.

Crate Cafe:

This place is super popular and for good reason. It’s not as “cute” as some of the other spots we’ve mentioned, but the food is absolutely delicious. If you love peanut butter and chocolate like I do, then you have to get the Why So Cereal bowl. If you’re more of a savory person, try the Veto, which is their avocado toast. It’s huge and super delicious too. They also have reallyyy delicious baked goods like chocolate chip banana bread and muffins, so grab one on your way out for a little snack later.

The Loft:

The Loft offers everything from beef burgers to vegan meatballs and smoothie bowls, so it’s a great place to go when you’re trying to please everyone (i.e. when Ryan was ready to eat somewhere that wasn’t strictly plant-based). Be sure to get the Buffalo Cauliflower Bites and the hummus appetizer. Oh and get the raw snickers cheesecake for dessert. You won’t be disappointed.

Mad Pops Ice Cream:

I’m still dreaming about Mad Pops Bali vegan ice cream. Literally, who knew vegan ice cream could be so good?! And we live in L.A where there are a lot of delicious vegan ice cream options. The chocolate was by far my favorite flavor, but they are all so delicious. We went two days in a row, because we loved it that much. It’s also super cute inside, so be sure to bring your camera.


We didn’t make it to Balibola this time, because we were supposed to go right before we left, and they had to close early that day. But, take this one as a suggestion from League Travels, because judging by their menu and photos, we are sold. Any place that has a syringe of maple syrup with their pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and doughnuts, is our type of place. We’re definitely going to try it the next time we’re in Bali.

Have you been to Bali? If so, where was your favorite place to eat in Bali? Comment below!

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