The Best Treats in New York City.

January 5, 2018

New York City

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New York City has so much to offer, including some of the most delicious desserts and treats we’ve ever eaten. One of our favorite ways to plan our trip around the city is to pick all the places we want to eat at or get treats from, and then stop at all of our favorite sights and museums along the way. That probably says a lot about us and our obsession with food, but when you go somewhere like New York City, eating at the right places should definitely be a top priority. So, here are both our favorite indulgent and our favorite healthy dessert spots in the city:

Indulgent Treats

the best desserts and treats in new york city dough doughnuts


the best desserts in new york city

Dough Doughnuts: We’ve eaten a lot of doughnuts in our lifetime, and we can honestly say the flavors at Dough Doughnuts are some of our favorites. Chocolate Cocoa Nib and Hibiscus are our favorites, but they also have Passion Fruit, Toasted Coconut, Salted Chocolate Caramel, and so many more! They make fresh batches throughout the day, so you can always get them fresh no matter what time you get there. Also, they are huge!

the best desserts in new york city levain bakery

the best desserts in new york city levain bakery

Levain Bakery: The cookies from Levain Bakery are out. of. control. They were created by marathon runners looking to eat lots of calories, so… be prepared for a sugar comatose. But like a really, really delicious one. The chocolate peanut butter chip cookie is our favorite. Go to the new location a couple blocks down from the original to skip the long line. 

Orwashers: Orwashers Bakery not only makes really delicious breads, but their chocolate chip cookie gives Levain a run for its money. Seriously, it’s heavenly and Ryan claims they are better than Levain. So, I guess you have to try both. Sorry!

the best desserts in new york city union fare

Union Fare: These croissants from Union Fare are out. of. this. world. They’re filled with either chocolate, birthday cake funfetti cream, or matcha. We ate brunch here too, and it was delicious. Sam ate the Strawberry and Banana Smash and Ryan got the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich (three words: cinnamon roll bun. Yeah, it was really good.)

the best desserts in new york city momofuku milk bar

the best desserts in new york city momofuku milkbar

Momofuku Milk Bar: Milk Bar is famous for their cereal milk soft serve ice cream, but my FAVORITE treat from there (and possibly from anywhere in the whole world) is their birthday cake truffles. Imagine a cake batter cookie dough ball covered in a crispy sugar coated outside layer. But, like, it’s a thousand times better than you could even imagine. RUN. Don’t walk. Or, if you’re me, go every single day while you’re in the city. We may or may not have almost missed our train to the airport, because we were running to buy more to bring home with us. Sorry, not sorry?

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Basically, Dylan’s Candy Bar is like a candy lover’s sugar heaven. It’s three whole stories of candy and fudge and chocolate and everything you could possibly imagine. Our favorite was the chocolate covered cereal.

Gluten-free & Vegan Treats

the best desserts in new york city erin mckennas bakery

Erin McKenna’s Bakery (Baby Cakes): Everything is 100% gluten-free and vegan at Erin McKenna’s Bakery, but you would NEVER know. The chocolate chip cookie and banana bread were both SO good I almost cried. Is this post revealing too much about my treat obsession? Probably.  

The Butcher’s Daughter: The Butcher’s Daughter is 100% vegetarian and dairy-free. Get the gluten-free zuchinni bread! And if you’re a peanut butter lover, get the Brass Monkey shake. I get it every time I go and there isn’t a better peanut butter shake out there. The Butcher’s Daughter is also my favorite place to go for brunch when we’re in the city! The restaurant is so fun and full of green plants, and the avocado toast and almond butter and jam toast are to die for.

the best desserts in new york city by chloe

the best desserts in new york city by chloe

By Chloe: Everything at By Chloe is 100% vegan, but it’s truly full of so much flavor. They have one of the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and their kale and cookies and cream dairy-free ice cream might sound like an odd combo, but trust me, it’s worth it. Also, get the Black Out smoothie while you’re there. It has activated charcoal and kale and banana, and I wish I could drink it every day. 

Sprinkles: The gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie from Sprinkles is my all time favorite. It is definitely not vegan though, because you can like taste the butter dripping through the cookie, but it’s so good. 

A few other favorites include Cookie Dō NYC (yes the cookie dough is delicious, but you have to try to cookie dough ice cream sandwich), Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, and the cronut from Dominique Ansel. Basically, New York City is the perfect destination for any foodie.

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